2 Samuel (Larry Crabb’s 10th Love Letter)

I recorded David’s adultery to let you know two things: one, great men sin greatly, as all people do, so will be alert; and two, when things are going well as they were for David, it’s tempting to relax your guard and indulge your desires.

But I never broke my promise to David. And I will never break my promise to you. There will be a party, and you both are invited.

Troubles come into everyone’s life, whether they behave well or not. But troubles that weaken the soul, troubles that are unnecessary in the life of My followers, are a natural consequence of valuing immediate and shallow pleasures available now over permanent and deep pleasures available later.

2 Samuel – David Jeremiah (Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible)

Key thought: We must follow God’s guidance rather than our own passions, at every step.

Key Verse: “You are God, and Your words are true, and You have promised this goodness to Your servant. Now therefore, let it please You to bless the house of Your servant, that it may continue before You forever.” 2 Samuel 7:28-29

Key Action: Acknowledge God’s kingship in every area of life.

2 SAMUEL: The Story of David – From Ray Stedman<-(click here for entire Bible summary)

David is not only a picture of Christ, but he is also a picture of each individual believer. It is
only as we read from that point of view that the book comes alive and glows with truth for us. If you look at these Old Testament books as if they were mirrors, you will always find yourself there.

As Saul is the picture of the flesh and its attempt to imitate, David is the picture of the man after God’s own heart – a believer in whom the spirit of God dwells and who is open to the instruction of the Spirit, who is taught to walk in the Holy Spirit.

A man named Uzzah, standing by the cart, reached out his hand to steady the ark.
The moment his hand touched it, the lightning of God struck him and he fell dead. It was David’s fault that Uzzah had died. David had to learn the very bitter lesson that sincerity in serving God is never enough. Things must be done God’s way in accomplishing God’s will.

Next he did three things – Walking on the roof of his house he saw a beautiful woman taking a bath; he sent and inquired about her; and then he took. Any temptation in your life and mine will also follow this pattern. It starts first with simple desire. There is nothing wrong with the desire. The desire is there and it must be dealt with when it arises. Either it is
put away at that point or it is formed into an intent.

Instead of openly confessing and acknowledging the wrong, and trying to make it right, he committed another sin to cover up. This is always the process of sin. If you commit one sin, you commit another to cover that one up, and ten more to cover up the second one. And so it goes. Uriah was slain by the hands of the Ammonites, but David was the murderer.

Nathan points his finger at David and tricks him with a little parable. Nathan says, “Thou art the man,” Immediately David acknowledges and faces his sin. He no longer tries to justify it. He acknowledges his total wrong in this matter and it was at this point that David wrote Psalm 51. All of us have turned to this psalm at one time or another when we have been laden with guilt.

Well, one great truth: our old natures are always there, ready to spring into activity the minute we cease relying upon the Spirit of God. Sin never dies of old age. No matter how long you walk with God, it is still possible to fall. The only thing that maintains the spiritual
life is the quiet, day-by-day, moment-by-moment walk in faith.