Truth sets us free.

It doesn’t matter what it means to me; it matters what it means to God.

Study by Barna group – number 1 Christian research group:The problem facing Christianity is that they are not open to being proven wrong or learning new insights.Both clergy and laity – indifference to and acknowledge a lack of evaluation – “we have all the answers already”.John Calvin – Is it faith to understand nothing and merely submit your convictions implicitly to the Church?Enemy’s job is to steal, kill and destroy the truth.

Abraham Lincoln – the best way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend. – Satan therefore comes as an angel of truth.

Top Four Events in human historyGiving of the commandments in the gardenGiving of the commandments at Mt SinaiBirth of the MessiahDeath, burial and resurrection of the Messiah

The enemy is out to make us misguided on those 4 events.

Now we will focus on the birth and Resurrection of the Messiah

Noah’s great grandson, Nimrod (mighty hunter) – built the tower of Babel, city of Ninevah, etc.

Ninmod married Semeramus. When died he was made the son god, Baal.

Semeramus was impregnated by a ray from Nimrod, and gave birth to Tammuz, who became ruler in place of Nimrod; One day out hunting and he was killed by wild boar.

Every year after he died, for forty days before the spring equinox they fasted (he was 40 years old) – where we get Lent.

When Semeramus dies she becomes Ishtar or Easter (the bare breasted fertility goddess) – she is the god of the sunrise or the east.

First Sunday of the spring equinox – East Stars sun day, sunrise service, impregnate virgins on the altar, then 1 year later they would sacrifice the 3 month old babies on the altar and dip eggs into their blood, the eggs were a symbol of fertility, they believed the earth was born out of a giant egg

When Semeramus dies he threw her back down and landed in the Euphrates river and turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit – 3000 year old Babylonian legend where we get the Easter.

Eggs, Easter bunny, dying of Easter eggs, Lent – practiced a 1000 years before Jesus was even born – Easter ham eaten in commemoration of the wild board that killed Tammuz.

Other names for Ishtar (Semeramus) and Tammuz:Phoenicia – call Asteroff and BaalEgypt – Isis and OsirisGreece – Aphrodite and AdoniRome – Venus and Cupid (Cupid was baby Tammuz)Far East – Tammuz was called Zoro Aster (literally “the seed of Easter”)

What did all of the disciples do in the spring that just so happens to be a the time of Easter?

Lu 22:19 … DO THIS in remembrance of Me. – 1 Co 5:8 keep the feast of passover Can we decide how to worship or does God decide?

Lev 18:30 Keep my requirements, not detestable customs

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