1 Origin – How did it all begin? A or B
A All things were created by a transcendent all powerful, all knowing intelligent being with a goal oriented creation in mind for life that clearly exhibits a design, function, purpose, formula, boundary, and limit through which these fixed laws allow us to investigate reality through the study of science, or,
B We evolved from random, non-intelligent accidental, chaotic, happenstance requiring eons of time, a staggering amount of blind faith, and a very active imagination since there is no evidence in any scientific discipline to support this speculation.

2 Identity – Who is Man? Or Who am I?
A Man is made in God’s image but now fallen. And we have a body (biology – seen – material) and a soul (psychology – unseen – immaterial) (dualism reality – seen and unseen world) OR
B Material man, simply molecules in motion with no soul which would necessitate no free will only reactions to stimuli. OR
C Just a mind with the body and the material world being an illusion. (Pantheism)

3 Meaning / Purpose – Why am I here? Do I matter?
A If God then we have the meaning and purpose he prescribes.
B If there is no God there is no meaning or purpose. Every man makes up his own purpose in a make believe, or pretend purpose.

4 Morality / Ethics – How should we live?
A If God then morality and ethics the 10 Commandments etc. and there will be ultimate justice.
B If no God then it is every man for himself, tooth and claw the fittest survive, might makes right and there will be no ultimate justice. Live to today and take what you can.

5 Destiny – What happens next? Is there more?
A If God, then there is an ultimate purpose and judge who will determine your destiny.
B If there is no God then there will be no justice and worms and dust are everyone’s final destiny. (God or Worms paper)

Of course other fundamental big questions would be, is there a God and what is his nature? And then another question many people wrestle with is what about evil? Without the Biblical explanation, answering why evil is a challenge. And one last set: 1 How did it all begin? (Creation) 2 What went wrong? (The Fall) 3 How do we fix it? (salvation – the cross)

If you reject God you will also reject the Bible and to do that you will in effect make yourself God and write your own Bible because EVERYONE lives by a code.

The truth is that no one can break God’s laws, they break us. Ideas have consequences and ignorance of consequences never delivers anyone from the effect of consequences.

Have a nice day!