I would say that “the church” is the world wide body of believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Church in the USA, for most people would include the following:

  • That building on the corner where I go once a week or so.
  • The place where I sing a few songs and listen to a guy or gal talk for 20 to 30 minutes.

A few points to consider in relation to church USA church or institutional church:

  • There is very little interaction – you just sit and look at the back of someone’s head
  • You listen to someone talk for quite some time with no opportunity to ask questions or interact with either the speaker or those next to you.
  • Lots of money is spent on buildings and staff with relatively little spiritual development and/or fellowship created as a result of all that is spent.

“The Gathering” by Ray Barnett – I would highly recommend this book. When God speaks of the “church”, is He talking about what we have created or maybe something quite different from what we normally see or experience?

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