Atheist Delusion

Summaries of 4 Session study guide

Session One
Those who claim to be atheists have doubled in the last few years.Atheism is a form of insanity.”The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” (Psalm 14:1)Evidence is not really the issue.There is plenty of evidence – creation primarily.Some saw the resurrected Christ but still doubted.Evidence will never bring a sin loving sinner to the throne of the cross.Witnessing is something we are but also must include what we say.Could a book make itself?Do you believe DNA happened by accident?Since DNA contains intelligent information it must have an intelligent designer.Ask questions.Socratic method – answer a question with a question.For example, “Why do you ask?”Get to know the person.The aim is not to win the argument, but to have a dialogue, listen to each other.Who is to say something is wrong if there is no objective standard of morality.

Session Two
Evidence is supposed to lead to truth.Truth is that which conforms to reality.Who’s reality?Truth is that which conforms to the mind of God and whatever He says is right is correct – to such truth we should say Amen, absolutely, let it be so.Wisdom is something that only a few have, it is applied knowledge.Christianity is applied knowledge.Atheism is the ultimate ingratitude.Intellectuals talk with such pride, but talking about fiction.Why am I here?What is the meaning of life?What is going to happen when I die?Why do you believe that?Upon what do you base that belief?Is there no such thing as truth?Holy Spirit’s job – convict of sin, judgement and righteousness.Fruit is being faithful with the message God has given us.We don’t save, God does – just give truthful and accurate message.”God wouldn’t respond like that”.How do you know?Where do you get your information?

Session Three
God is alive and He has spoken.And He has called us to be His ambassadors.There has to be intelligent life beyond human reasoning to put DNA together.Why can’t we make a leap from there to saying atheism can’t be true?People become committed to self-centered pursuits that are hard to give up.God grants repentance that leads to the truth.You can get bogged down with intellectual reasoning without ever getting to the gospel.Jesus must set the agenda for evangelism.Holy Spirit’s job – convict of sin, judgement and righteousness.Many are very proud and trying to play judge and jury over God.There is point in giving evidence until someone is truly interested in listening and honest.If God exists, you are admitting you are ultimately responsible to Him.If we deny God’s existence we have license to do whatever we want.Romans 1 is the key text which points out what is going on.Atheists have no true meaning for life.If we know that justice should be served then how much more should God serve justice?If God’s justice is only demonstrated on this earth, what about someone who does awful things to lots of people all his life and lives to be a ripe old age of 90 on this earth, with no justice in this life?

Session Four
Where do you go when you die?What have you done to deserve to go to heaven?Atheists say something like, “Religion has caused more wars than anything throughout history.”1763 wars up until 2004 – 8% were religious in nature, 92% were political in nature.Stalin was an atheist who killed 60 millionMao was an atheist who killed 40 million.Is there such thing as absolute morality?If society, whose society?CS Lewis said, “You cannot call a line crooked unless you know that which is straight.”Never take for granted that people knows what “born again” means.