2020 Elections

2020 Elections

It’s not about which candidate’s personality you prefer. It’s about keeping the Democratic Republic intended by our founders or moving toward a Marxist Socialism. Platform comparision – Democrat vs Republican Full list of Trump accomplishments Trump Family-Religious Liberty accomplishments Trump International Religious Freedom accomplishments Trump Pro-Life accomplishments

Election Day thoughts

From: BreakPoint – John StonestreetAs you consider your presidential, state, and local vote, many issues are important. But a few, like the protection of innocent life, are essential. Tomorrow is Election Day. And here’s some advice from Chuck Colson from a few years ago that applies even during this crazy 2016 campaign. “Vote as your…

Learning to Listen

Learning To Listen – Listening To Learn Related Media August 29, 2005 saw one of the most deadly storms of recent U.S. history hit the shores of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina unleashed 100+ mph winds and torrential rains across the city. The storm, over 400 miles in diameter, didn’t just leave wind and rain…


The best book I’ve ever read on health – Prescription for Life Basically it says we need to do three things: Keep our weight close to ideal. Watch what we eat. Exercise property. Correct weight and exercise do not totally compensate for eating badly.

Interview with Gramma

Interview with my Grandmother before she passed at over 100 years of age What is most important in raising kids? The parents should teach them principles, like respecting other people. Teach them to believe in God and take them to church (I know that some of my family members aren’t going to church, but that’s…