Why Christians should be involved in Politics

Why Christians Should Be Involved In Politics – 18 minutes by ‎Dr Frank Turek

Following are some summary points of his video presentation (his website is CrossExamined.org):

Why is there a difference between South Korea and North Korea?
The main reason for the difference is POLITICS.

Which country would you rather live in, North or South Korea?
Can you preach the gospel in North Korea? No, because of politics.

If you don’t think politics are important, you don’t think the gospel is important.
Politically, you can’t do what we do in many countries.

Politics effects what we and the church do every day.
Jesus told the religious and political leaders of Israel, “You have neglected the more important matters of the law”. Jesus was not “Mr Rogers”; sometimes He was right in your face saying that you need to change.

Saying not to kill the unborn is not religion, it is morality.
All laws legislate morality.

Politics is always the choice of the lesser of two evils because all of us are flawed.
How will each candidate govern on the most important matters of the law, the big moral issues?

Without religious freedom, you cannot preach the gospel.

Our country is a mess; who should we blame? THE CHURCH
The church hasn’t been the church for at least a hundred years.

Pastors can do a lot more from the pulpit than they think (or at least they could before Joe Biden was elected).
Pastors are called to be salt and light not tax exempt.
If a pastor is more concerned about money than the future of civilization then he/she ought to just get ought of the ministry.

Are you helping to create a country like South Korea or North Korea?
Who will protect life, marriage, and religious freedom if not you, the church?

“The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke
That’s what the church has been doing for decades, nothing!



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