Your True Identity

What is your true identity?

What do you think you were created to be?
Not what do you think you were created to do or what vocation you are supposed to be in.
But who are you really, what is your true identity?

Link to Monkeys in the City is an hour and a half, well worth watching.

The following are some noteworthy points taken from the video:

  • We start off learning who we are from external sources.
  • Our highest level of functioning in the truth of who we are will happen in community not in isolation.
  • We are raised to make fear-based decisions; we are afraid of truth-telling.
  • It is rare to find someone who is not making fear-based decisions, they are other focused.
  • Good literature can name us so we know who we are.
  • Our true identity should guide us through our days.
  • We should not get our identity from our vocation, rather bring our identity to our vocation.
  • For transformation to happen, something has to die.
  • All transforming innovation is preceded by contemplation.
  • Transformation gets rid of the old and starts something new.
  • Don’t be imitators, be contemplators.
  • People know who you really are by the result of your life.

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