Clouds Without Water

Justin Peters, by popular demand, has been doing seminars at churches around the country for 20 or more years, critiquing many things theologically. One very enlightening seminar he does is called Clouds Without Water.

Clouds without water, from Jude 12, is a biblical critique of the Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Prosperity gospel.
The Health and Wealth, Name it Claim it, or Prosperity gospel claims that it is always God’s will for a Christian to be wealthy and physically healed (should never be sick).

Some very troubling quotes shown on Clouds without water are as follows:

Myles Munroe – God can only do what we permit him to.

Kenneth Copeland – And I say this with all respect so it don’t upset you too bad, but I say it anyway: When I read in the Bible where He says “I AM” I just smile and I say, “Yes, I AM too!”

Larry Huch and Paula White – Jesus is not the only begotten Son of God, he is not.

Victoria Osteen – Jesus was man until God touched him and put the Spirit of the living God on the inside of him.

Benny Hinn – Look at me and say, all of you, say there’s power in me to speak life and death.

Gloria Copeland – You call what you have, you say what you want.

Benny Hinn – And I’m here to tell you I know that I know that I know that as these programs are airing, I’m speaking something into existence.

Creflo Dollar – As spiritual beings who possess the nature of God, we have the ability to speak things into existence just like God did.

Gloria Copeland – You know, you’re supposed to control the weather… but you are the one that has authority over the weather.

Can or should we fellowship with those who stand behind the Prosperity, Word of Faith, and/or NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) teachers?

I do not see how true believers in the real Christ of the Bible can have any level of significant fellowship with someone who claims to be a Christian and yet regularly watches and/or listens to those teachers who say things like the following:
God can only do what we permit Him to do.
Since Jesus said “I AM”, then “I AM too”
Jesus is NOT the only begotten Son of God.
Jesus was only man until God touched Him and put the Spirit of God inside Him.
I can speak things into existence.
My words you can control the weather.
God’s promises that I can be wealthy and healthy.

Proverbs 24:11 says to rescue those being led away to death and hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

These Word of Faith/Prosperity teachers are leading people to spiritual death as they teach a Christ and God who are not to be found in the Bible. So as they preach this false gospel, people are unknowingly staggering toward spiritual slaughter.

For anyone who has strugged know for sure where they are at spiritually, Justin recommends reading Saved Without a Doubt by John Macarthur

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  1. To me these prosperity people by twisting scriptures out of context do this for the sole purpose of making money and trying to pacify their carnal desires for selfish selfish recognition. Jesus makes it clear in John 5:19 & 30 that He could do “nothing” unless the Father directs Him to. These people believe that they can tell God what to do. REALLY! I may have been born at night, but not last night.

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